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Amazon Is Flirting With Paid Search On Alexa

23 January, 2017

Amazon Is Flirting With Paid Search On Alexa

Amazon is preparing to expand its platform and better position itself for the increasing prevalence of voice search.

The ecommerce giant will launch a paid search product, Amazon Media Group VP Seth Dellaire intimated during last week’s Industry Preview in New York.

This could be a boon to marketers looking to leverage the potential of voice search. The growing popularity of Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices including the Echo and Dot, as well as its impending addition to Huawei’s flagship smartphone, could provide a solid testing ground.

Voice is likely to be the next frontier for human-computer interaction, complementing today’s touch-and-display paradigm, and potentially replacing it as the primary interface. And runaway sales of Alexa-integrated devices suggest that voice is gaining traction among consumers. Amazon sold nine times more Echo devices than during last year’s holiday season. There’s no sure number of Echo devices sold, but Consumer Intelligence Research estimated in November that Amazon had sold over 5 million Echo devices since the product launched in 2014.

Given the overall growing success of paid search on mobile and desktop, it makes sense that Amazon would investigate ways to integrate the service into voice as it looks to leverage its increasing reach over the emerging tech. Online spending coming from clicks on paid search ads increased 45% year-over-year (YoY) in the 2016 holiday shopping season, according to data from Adlucent, a digital marketing agency.

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