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Will The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Look Chinese?

8 November, 2017

Will The Future Of Artificial Intelligence Look Chinese?

For years China has watched with envy as the West developed one frontier technology after another, while it could only count on low-cost labor to fuel growth.

Now a fundamental shift is underway in one of the hottest fields of technological innovation: Artificial Intelligence (AI). China is no longer simply catching up with the U.S., it is now taking the lead in some fields of AI, experts say.

The country’s AI advances stem from significant state support coupled with an increasingly vibrant private sector. Beijing, interested in using the technology for wide-ranging purposes including surveillance, predicting crime, transforming city services and boosting national security, is directing massive capital and policy support to AI. It wants to be the world leader in this field by 2030, aiming to make the industry worth $150 billion by then.

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