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Will Big Data Influence Artificial Intelligence As A Major Disruption?

15 February, 2017

Will Big Data Influence Artificial Intelligence As A Major Disruption?

The convergence of major trends in the digital landscape is a phenomenon that redefines the future of the IT industry. However, these changes must be embraced with agility and diligence. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the most intriguing development ever made in this field. It is a vast concept that involves many disruptive technologies including machine learning. Now, the researchers are eyeing an iconic change to evolve by the combination of big data and AI.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

AI has become pervasive in every industry. It enables smarter decision-making by considering all significant aspects related to a business. big data also has a crucial role in modern day enterprises. When combined with AI, it can become a robust tool for proactive and automated management.
AI has seeped into our daily life through the Internet. People experience it every day without being aware of it. For instance, when you select your shopping cart on an e-commerce website, it automatically shows suggested products depending on your purchase pattern and behavior. This is AI and its effectiveness is correlated to the availability of relevant data and accurate predictive analysis.

What to Expect From This Convergence?

In the recent times, machine learning combined with data analytics has been applied to many complex tasks that were earlier confined to humans. The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken it further. Though, they are all interrelated. Accumulation of massive data sets is futile if we can’t extract relevant information out of them. Similarly, it is hard to imagine a global network for processing and utilizing big data without using an intelligent digital brain. Every program running on these networks must be powered by AI for effectiveness.

Most seemingly, it is the best method to draw better outcomes and accurate analysis of information generated by the huge data sources.

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