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Untangling The Data Center From Complexity And Human Oversight

Credit: VentureBeat
15 December, 2014

Untangling The Data Center From Complexity And Human Oversight

Our investment thesis at Khosla Ventures is that simplicity through abstraction and automation through autonomic behavior will rule in the enterprise’s “New Stack,” a concept that embraces several industry changes:

  • The move to distributed, open source centric, web-era stacks and architectures for new applications.  New Stack examples include Apache web stacks, noSQL engines, Hadoop/Spark, etc. deployed on open source infrastructure such as Docker, Linux/KVM/Openstack and the like.
  • The emergence of DevOps (a role that that didn’t even exist 10 years ago) and general “developer velocity” as a priority: e.g. giving developers better control of infrastructure and the ability to rapidly build/deploy/manage services.
  • Cloud-style hardware infrastructure that provides cost and flexibility advantage of commodity compute pools in both private datacenters and public cloud services, giving enterprises the same benefits that Google and Facebook have gained through in-house efforts.

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