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The Time For Advertisers To Embrace Artificial Intelligence Is Now

28 April, 2017

The Time For Advertisers To Embrace Artificial Intelligence Is Now

Depending on your point of view, working in the marketing industry these days is either exciting or frightening. Technology innovation is happening so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up with, and for every new opportunity created, an entire set of challenges come with it.

No technology represents this paradox better than the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), which might be the single most important innovation shaping the future of the advertising industry.

AI basically gives computers the ability to think like humans, meaning that for advertisers it can automate a lot of the processes that humans normally have to do — things like buying the right media, targeting the right users, personalizing the creative, optimizing bid rates, and so on. Computers can take in more data and process it much faster than humans, so they can do all those tasks substantially more effectively and efficiently.

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