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Three Ways That Caesars’ Entertainment Got It Right In Big Data

8 July, 2015

Three Ways That Caesars’ Entertainment Got It Right In Big Data

Many people have asked me why only 27% of respondents in a recent consulting report believed their Big Data projects were successful.

I don’t know the particulars of the projects in the report, but I can comment on the key attributes of successful Big Data projects that I’ve seen.

Let’s look at an example. Intel recently published a case study about an entirely new Big Data analytics engine that Caesars Entertainment built on top of Cloudera Hadoop and a cluster of Xeon E5 servers. This analytics engine was intended to support new marketing campaigns targeted at customers with interests beyond traditional gaming, including entertainment, dining and online social gaming. The results of this project have been spectacular, increasing Caesars’ return on marketing programs and dramatically reducing the time to respond to important customer events.

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