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Three Ways Data Analytics Can Foster Greater Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams

20 January, 2017

Three Ways Data Analytics Can Foster Greater Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams

Frank Moreno, VP of Product Marketing, Datawatch highlights that successful companies depend on aligned marketing and sales teams. Intelligent use of available data from multiple sources for analytics ensures this relationship works well, resulting in a powerful outcome

In the early days of advertising marketers worked on gut instinct. If a campaign felt right, they ran with it and kept their fingers-crossed, hoping for a positive result. The same was true for the sales team. Going after a client or an account was more about what ‘felt’ right rather than what was statistically likely to close. Working on intuition-based assumptions was hit or miss at best, leaving sales and marketing professionals ready for a better, more fact-based approach. Today, marketers are turning to self-service data analytics to ensure they are targeting the right customers and providing salespeople with the insights they need to do their jobs well. When sales teams have greater confidence in marketing leads, it increases their productivity, their efficiency and the number of closed deals. The smart use of data analytics is the key to a modern, successful relationship between sales and marketing.

With today’s influx of analytics, the days of “going with your gut” are over. Since the majority of sales and marketing activity occurs online, the availability of data and metrics has exploded, leaving most of us buried under mountains of click-rates, response numbers, pipeline contribution figures, Google Analytics, CRM metrics and more. It’s a time of data-overload and professionals are expected to have unlimited insight into and understanding about what’s happening in their business. Sales and marketing departments are striving to be wholly data-driven, leading many to believe that the guess-work we used to rely on has been eradicated. We have all of the data we could possibly need, so all of our decisions should be based on facts and figures, thus guaranteeing success, right?

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