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There’s No Such Thing As Big Data In HR

7 June, 2017

There’s No Such Thing As Big Data In HR

“Big data” has become such a ubiquitous phrase that every function of business now feels compelled to outline how they are going to use it to improve their operations. That’s also true for Human Resources (HR) departments, which is where most of a company’s money is spent, and where —  we’d like to believe — the real value lies.

One of the reasons for the special attention being given to big data in HR is that the department is always under pressure to be more analytic — which is justified to some extent. Some wishful thinkers believe that the application of big data techniques will somehow rid HR of the some of the attributes they don’t like about it, such as the perception that they’re focusing on “soft” issues and not detailing the return on HR-related investments.

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