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Talking Big Data And Analytics With IBM

1 April, 2014

Talking Big Data And Analytics With IBM

Every where we look we are hearing more and more about the growing connectedness in our lives. You’ve likely heard something from Cisco Systems about the Internet of Everything. From the smartphones and tablets we carry to the cars we drive and the homes we live in. It’s not just around us in our personal lives, but also in our work lives. Put those together and there is a significant amount of information that companies can use to improve the customer experience as well as fend off attacks. This move is going to create waves of opportunity for many companies — from wireless chip companies like Qualcomm   to database and information systems companies likeOracle and SAP as well as software and services companies like IBM.

To sort through all of this and discuss the opportunity to be had with what is increasingly called Big Data, I recently spoke with Bob Picciano, senior vice president of IBM’s Information and Analytics Group.

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