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The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Cloud And IoT

2 February, 2015

The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Cloud And IoT

Those who are familiar with cloud computing and the Internet of Things have likely noticed the two terms seem to be thrown together quite a bit. While they are distinctly separate entities, one is rarely spoken about without the mention of the other. The reason for this consistent marriage, in both discussion and practice, is because industry experts understand how mutually beneficial the cloud and IoT are to one another.

The relationship all started a few years back, when mobile devices (particularly smart phones and tablets) started getting more traction in the workplace. Powerful mobile apps were developed to provide users with a cross-platform capability, but to do this, they needed the storage and syncing technology of the cloud.

Fast forward to today’s world. Mobile apps are still booming and their powerful capabilities are more diverse than ever. Mobile has become an invaluable tool across a variety of industries; however, it still lags behind in server hardware, processing power and storage of a desktop computer, making the use of cloud computing a necessity, as opposed to just an option.

Enter the Internet of Things.

Now that most people are accepting of mobile use and the cloud, products that incorporate both are beginning to spring up all over the place. From smart toasters and locks to security systems and exercise bracelets, the options for controlling or tracking ordinary objects with mobile devices is becoming a part of every day life.

What is important to understand though, is that the immediate functional benefits of these smart objects are only a tiny part of the groundbreaking potential of the Internet of Things. Smart objects are now being endowed with sensors capable of feeding data back to cloud platforms for further analysis, and with so much data coming in from potentially millions of different sources, the diversity and precision of that analysis is increasingly useful, especially for the enterprise.

Although the cloud has been around for years, only now are we truly understanding the true potential of connecting it with phones, tablets, sensors and objects. Those who want to capitalize on these growing benefits are searching for more ways to apply the IoT to their everyday business practices.

Since the cloud is so well suited to storing, filtering and analyzing information in practical ways, the Internet of Things will likely incorporate the cloud to maximize its capabilities. And since the cloud is now a mature and widely accepted concept, industry experts realize that emphasizing that point plays to their advantage in introducing the blossoming Internet of Things.

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