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Six Limitations Of Free Business Intelligence Software

10 March, 2017

Six Limitations Of Free Business Intelligence Software

We have been using charts to help us understand information for decades but with so much data to process in today’s digital world, the way we view and consume it is changing. We expect everything to be bright, interactive and, above all, delivered to us in the format we want, wherever and whenever. As a result, more organizations are using Business Intelligence (BI) software to help them make sense of their data but many SMEs opt for free or open source solutions.

The decision to take this route will likely have been based on the cost, or lack of it, compared to other custom BI options. However, this can often prove to be a false economy as much of the open source software available fails to meet expectations. So if you’re thinking of choosing an open source solution in favour of a custom dashboard BI system, consider these six limitations first:

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