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Shining Up a Rusty Industry With Artificial Intelligence

12 February, 2018

Shining Up a Rusty Industry With Artificial Intelligence

One of the primary activities that companies pursue with analytics and data is to plan and optimize operations; this has been a long-term focus of the “operations research” approach to analytics.

It has always been done on a relatively small scale, however, using individual models with only a few variables. Cognitive tools—and machine learning in particular—can take this activity to the next level in breadth and depth.

AI may not be known for its role in manufacturing and operations, but there is an opportunity to use these tools to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these important industries. Take, for example, the steel manufacturing startup Big River Steel, which is attempting a major transformation in this most industrial of industries. The steel industry isn’t known for its use of leading-edge machine learning, but it can be–and is at Big River.

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