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SaaS Customer Experience Starts In The C-Suite

26 November, 2014

SaaS Customer Experience Starts In The C-Suite

In 2003 there were 30 Chief Customer Officers worldwide according to the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council, reaching 450 by 2011. Over time, however, there has been a gradual recognition of the importance of having an executive in the C-Suite responsible for elevating and growing the customer experience; as of this year, 22% of Fortune 100 Companies and 10% of Fortune 500 Companies have a CCO onboard.

Building Relationships is Key to Survival

This recognition is of particular importance for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, who are heavily dependent on renewing their existing book of business year after year as a part of their overall revenue strategy.

While with traditional enterprise sales the customer is paying for a one-off purchase that may or may not go hand-in-hand with an annual service fee, SaaS companies are constantly having to cultivate the customer relationship if they are to stay in business.

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