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Microsoft’s Big Data Solves Golf’s Mysteries In The Arccos Caddie App

10 May, 2017

Microsoft’s Big Data Solves Golf’s Mysteries In The Arccos Caddie App

If the Arccos Caddie app can solve the mystery of the golf swing with big data, perhaps big data can solve other world problems, too. That’s why Microsoft featured this app at Build 2017, to show off the data-crunching powers of its Azure cloud service.

According to Arccos, the Caddie app sources a wealth of data. It already knows how far you can hit a ball with each club, based on your history. It then correlates that information with more than 386 million geotagged points across 40,000 courses, plus weather info, to present a strategy—lay up or go for it, say—as well as the projected odds that you’ll hit the green. You can even adjust the tee box and pin location to provide a more accurate prediction. (The company’s YouTube video has more.)

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