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Meeting 4 Top Challenges In Rolling Out Advanced Analytics

2 August, 2013

Meeting 4 Top Challenges In Rolling Out Advanced Analytics

Today, we’re living in an information age driven by data—and access to this robust data is essential for progress toward analytical maturity. Companies have access to use advanced analytics models to reduce risks, make better decisions, and deliver more personal customer experiences. Yet as more enterprises embark on analytics programs, few are achieving great results. (Only 22 percent of 600 executives in a recent Accenture survey reported being “very satisfied” with their results.)

There are organizational, technical, and human resource obstacles, but overcoming these challenges is worth the effort and investment. When you turn your organization into an information-centric company, this culture shift will help to make more data-driven decisions and will give employees the opportunity to develop new operational, tactical and strategic plans based on data instead of guesses. Today, I’ll outline the top challenges in rolling out advanced analytics and how to address them.

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