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Marketing Vs. IT: Data Governance Bridges The Gap

21 May, 2015

Marketing Vs. IT: Data Governance Bridges The Gap

Tension between the marketing organization and the IT team is nothing new. It probably started when the first marketing cavewoman asked her IT guy for help getting a fire started. In response, he probably asked her if the fire was plugged in — long before the dawn of electricity. Things have not gotten any better since then. In fact, it may have gotten worse.

In the stone ages, the IT department called all the shots when it came to technology decisions and adoption within companies. Marketing teams stood in line with their very detailed requirements waiting for budgets and resources to get them on the priority list. Even when that happened, there was a project lifecycle procedure that still needed to be followed which was something only marketing people with MBAs could understand – and even they thought it was excessive. Of course, all participants want to ensure that resources are applied to meaningful projects, that data is managed carefully and that the business doesn’t take unnecessary risks. However, if getting in the IT queue means the project will never see the light of day, perhaps business users should go back to the cave.

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