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Leveraging The Value Of Data-Centric Processes

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14 December, 2016

Leveraging The Value Of Data-Centric Processes

Every day in your organization, there is an opportunity to improve data with embedded processes that are data-centric. Are you taking advantage of those opportunities?

In previous articles, we talked about three of the five capabilities needed to turn data into insight. The fourth key capability is to have “data-centric processes.” What we mean by this is twofold:

  1. There are processes embedded into the organization that are focused on data and data management and optimization.
  2. There is a recognition that data is an input and a valuable output of other processes in the organization, and these inputs and outputs are understood and retained to extend data understanding in the organization.

Many articles have been written about data-management-specific processes, including the two previous installments in our series — “Ensuring the Quality of ‘Fit for Purpose’ Data” and “Mastering and Managing Data Understanding.” In this installment, we cover processes that already exist within an organization. We look at the role of data and discuss how to make the related processes more data-centric. We also break down the ways data-centric processes can have the most impact on an organization in:

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