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Leveraging a Business Intelligence Solution

28 October, 2016

Leveraging a Business Intelligence Solution

How five small BI projects made big differences for one regional health system.

In 2016, it should come as no surprise that effectively using a business intelligence solution can provide healthcare institutions with immense benefits.We will continue to see this trend in business intelligence capabilities evolve as healthcare facilities remain on their value-based care journey and are incentivized to deliver high care quality rather than high care volumes.

For our care teams at Athens Regional Health System, a 350-bed regional referral hospital in northeast Georgia, we have also seen the value that this type of solution can bring a health organization.

By using a business intelligence tool, we have been able to continuously look for new ways to leverage data analytics to enable better decision making across our organization. These data-driven decisions don’t need to necessarily entail major processes or operational overhauls however. In fact, we at Athens have seen first-hand how small business intelligence projects can end up making a big difference for business facilities.

Below are five small data-driven projects that had a huge impact across our organization thanks to Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform:

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