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Lessons From How Amazon Uses Big Data

20 August, 2014

Lessons From How Amazon Uses Big Data

Entering the field of big data is no cake walk. Due to the many nuances of big data architecture combined with the fact that it’s so new, relatively speaking, it can be overwhelming for many executives to implement. Or, instead of being overwhelming, there’s simply a lack of experience and understanding. That misunderstanding leads management, all too often, to use big data inefficiently.

One of the best ways for companies to learn about big data and how they can effectively implement it is by analyzing those who have used big data successfully for years. is one of those companies.

There’s no doubting the data expertise of One of the key innovators in big data technology, the global giant has given us lesson after lesson on how to successfully gather, analyze and then implement data analytics. Not only has it effectively used big data for it’s own purposes, but with services like Amazon Elastic MapReduce, the company has successfully leveraged its own data use to help others.

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