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An IoT Reality Check For Big Data Experts And Tech Manufacturers

7 April, 2017

An IoT Reality Check For Big Data Experts And Tech Manufacturers

In the future, affordable self-driving cars will make it easier for elderly and disabled persons to shop and to make other appointments. Robots will vacuum our carpets, assist us with our schedules, and pick and pack goods for warehouses. And automated trucks will know exactly where to spread custom blended fertilizer mixes on specific areas within a single field of corn. But can these IoT innovations do the jobs flawlessly?

As a preeminent example of big data capture and use, the Internet of Things (IoT) is still in the beginning stages of perfecting the ultimate interface: how well it interacts with and engages with the world we see, hear, and touch. No open source or universal interface can guarantee an absolutely perfect engagement, so ensuring that IoT and our physical environments exchange information properly is paramount, and it’s an area that big data analysts need to work on.

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