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Why HR Should Be Using Big Data In Legal Disputes

13 December, 2016

Why HR Should Be Using Big Data In Legal Disputes

Big data has long been heralded as a game changer for HR but analytics can be used for far more than talent management – according to two industry experts, it can also play a critical role in mitigating legal risk.

“As companies continue to face employee lawsuits in a range of areas, we have seen big data play a critical new role in the employment litigation process,” says Zev J. Eigen, global director of data analytics at employment law firm Littler Mendelson.

Managing partner Sari Springer agrees – she says big data can not only cut costs for companies embroiled in a legal battle but it can also predict future impact on the organization.

“Predictive modeling allows assessment of the length, costs and outcome of lawsuits filed against a company, as well as what to expect in the deposition and discovery process,” she tells HRM.

“By anticipating hard costs (such as legal fees and the settlement/award amount) and soft costs (such as the impact on personnel and brand reputation), employers are in a better position at inception to decide how best to proceed with a particular case.”

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