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How The Quantified-Self Will Make Big Data A Normal Part Of Life

11 July, 2013

How The Quantified-Self Will Make Big Data A Normal Part Of Life

There are numerous fitness apps and accessories that aim to help a person keep healthy, or motivate them to live a healthier life.  Some require a separate device like a bracelet to track your movement or progress, or even your heart rate to see how many calories you’ve burned, while some apps work in conjunction with other apps like diet-monitoring services, and others are as simpler, counting the number of steps you take.

All these self-quantified apps collect huge amounts of data: the question now is, how do these apps and data actually help you achieve the better version of yourself?  Can we really understand what all these data points, collected and presented, mean to us?  Or are we just happy to see high numbers flashing on our mobile screen?  Do these apps present accurate readings or are they just guessing?

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