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Hadoop: The Tale Of Data Storage To Data Processing

15 April, 2015

Hadoop: The Tale Of Data Storage To Data Processing

The expectations of CIOs around Hadoop are changing. They’re demanding more ROI from their data and saying goodbye to ‘experimentation.’ Of course, Hadoop is everywhere right now, but we’re seeing people (and companies) coining phrases such as “businesses becoming more data-driven.”

Since its inception, Hadoop has served as the quintessential landing zone for all lines of business and the data that resides in those lines. The open-source framework was a data storage trailblazer that got us to where we are today. But while Hadoop was and still is an affordable and scalable way for companies to store their data—much more so than data warehouses which can be costly and inflexible—an important shift is happening in Hadoop. The shift signals more opportunity for companies, or going beyond simple storage to becoming more data-driven.

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