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Glassdoor: 14 Of The Top 50 U.S. Jobs For 2017 Are In Tech

24 January, 2017

Glassdoor: 14 Of The Top 50 U.S. Jobs For 2017 Are In Tech

Career website Glassdoor today released its report on the “Best Jobs in America for 2017,” increasing the number from 25 last year to 50 this year. Of the top jobs, 14 were in tech, more than in any other industry.

Glassdoor’s list is ordered by a job score the firm gives each position. This score (based on a 5-point scale ranging from 1.0 as very low to 5.0 as very high) is determined by three factors weighted equally: earning potential (median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating, and number of current job openings.

Here’s the list of the top 14 U.S. tech jobs for the coming year:

  1. Data Scientist (#1 overall, 4.8 job score)
  2. DevOps Engineer (#2 overall, 4.7 job score)
  3. Data Engineer (#3 overall, 4.7 job score)
  4. Database Administrator (#7 overall, 3.8 job score)
  5. UX Designer (#9 overall, 4.0 job score)
  6. Solutions Architect (#10 overall, 3.7 job score)
  7. Software Engineer (#16 overall, 3.5 job score)
  8. QA Manager (#22 overall, 3.7 job score)
  9. Mobile Developer (#26 overall, 3.7 job score)
  10. Systems Administrator (#27 overall, 3.7 job score)

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