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To Get Big Data Insights You Need To Start Small

2 March, 2017

To Get Big Data Insights You Need To Start Small

As 2016 ended, Matt Asay of Adobe cited evidence of what we know to be true about big data: For all its promise and potential, few enterprises have reaped the benefits of mining mass stores of information. The reasons for this are not necessarily technical, but organizational, cultural and attitudinal. While thinking big can stir up emotions and rally the troops, I’ve found that executing “small” is where real success happens.

Often in IT, we quickly embrace the next empowering tech to drive business innovation, thinking that technology was our problem. Business leaders can also fan the flames when they hear that big data allows you to explore relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners in powerful ways that can unlock trends or predict success. We therefore must “move fast” and implement as quickly as possible. However, given the lack of noticeable impact with recent big data efforts, how can we really deliver? Perhaps we are not thinking small enough.

Working with clients on large data projects, I’ve witnessed the power of starting small. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned along the way:

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