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Game Changing Enterprise Trends For 2017

6 January, 2017

Game Changing Enterprise Trends For 2017

As true digital transformation takes hold, IT and business leaders are assessing what’s working and looking out to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

After the ball drops in Times Square and the New Year has been rung in, many turn to reflection – on the year past of course, but also on how to make the next one even better than the last. This is especially true for business leaders who often use the time for reflection on the things they did right, what could have been better and the competitive opportunities for the coming year.

2016 saw more cloud adoption than ever before – it’s no secret that the way we do business is changing, and that’s exactly why in 2017 businesses need to be even more digitally savvy. With data being created at a breakneck pace – from connected ‘things’, to mobile payments and more – businesses are uniquely positioned to be more informed than ever before and make better, data-driven, decisions.

As more and more businesses step confidently into with the digital era, true digital transformation will only become more imperative. To help you better prepare for the shift in 2017, we’ve put together some of the top enterprise predictions from executives at SAP.

Please join us this year as we continue to discuss what it takes to “build a digital enterprise.”

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