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My Four Years At Microsoft: How Everything Changed

30 January, 2017

My Four Years At Microsoft: How Everything Changed

The last four years were an exciting and challenging time to be at Microsoft, arguably the most transformative time in the company’s history.

This week, after four years as a ‘Softie, I returned to “civilian” life, joining Zones, a Microsoft partner firm where I will be taking on the role of solutions architect and continue to work with Azure and Office 365, as well as numerous offerings from vendors that compete with Microsoft).

Zones is a great company, with 25 years of experience in the field as a solutions partner and value added reseller. Cloud and IoT are relatively new businesses for them, and I am proud to join a group of such talented people, including seasoned veterans that hail from all over the IT industry.

Like Microsoft, they are a Pacific Northwest-based firm, headquartered in Auburn, WA, so I am sure I will have the opportunity shortly to join my Blue Badged friends and colleagues for the usual after-hours diversion as well as engaging business conversation.

Consulting and solution selling as a trusted advisor is a role with which I am extremely comfortable — it is role in which I have spent the bulk of my 25-year career as an independent and working at firms like Unisys and IBM.

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