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Do Companies Really Take Big Data Seriously?

28 July, 2015

Do Companies Really Take Big Data Seriously?

Businesses are finally getting serious about Big Data, according to Rishi Yadav, CEO of InfoObjects, Inc., who spoke to thetheCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s Media team, at Hadoop Summit 2015. InfoObjects is optimizing systems so that all data sources can work in concert to achieve business goals.

“A year or two back, the case was that somebody would build a Hadoop Cluster … and the only thing they would do was use Hadoop as a silo in that cluster, and nothing to do with what the rest of the enterprise is doing,” Yadav said. “Now, all the cases I see is the clients come to us and say, we understand that there’s a need to have this one enterprise data hub or data lake, but we want data to come from all the sources there.”

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