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Digitally Enhanced Stores? You Had Me At ‘Mood Analytics’

16 July, 2015

Digitally Enhanced Stores? You Had Me At ‘Mood Analytics’

Here’s a surprising stat about ecommerce that may cause you to do a double take; 95% of all retail purchases worldwide are still made in-store. So much for the technological singularity ‘eh!

Joking aside this tells us one of two things; either ecommerce is still in its infancy and as it continues to develop “clicks” will start to eat into “bricks” share of the market until we are doing all of our shopping on Amazon, e-Bay or Alibaba , to be delivered by drone to our doorsteps; or that retail customers simply prefer the face to face interaction and opportunity to physically inspect the goods they intend to buy that they get in-store, as well as the “feel good factor” that a well organized bout of retail therapy brings us.

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