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The Data Warehouse Has Failed, Will Cloud Computing Die Next?

4 January, 2017

The Data Warehouse Has Failed, Will Cloud Computing Die Next?

There’s a trend in IT firms. CEOs and evangelists like to try and coin the next major buzz phrase with the word ‘data’ in it. There’s big data, fast data, data analytics, data provenance, time-series data and then there are data lakes, data marts and the data warehouse.

TechTarget defines the data warehouse as federated repository (either physical or logical) for all the data that an enterprise’s various business systems collect.

Data warehouse, in simple English

To use a simple retail analogy, specific groups of users or jobs lead to the creation of data markets (we will call them ‘data marts’)… and in the same way that markets are fed by a central distribution and storage warehouse, individual data marts all come together to reside in a bigger data warehouse.

It sounds like an ideal conceptual structure for us to architect our new cloud-centric world around doesn’t it?

But the notion of (or at least the operation of) the data warehouse is broken claims Michael Whitehead, president & founder of data warehouse automation company WhereScape.

Smell something fishy? A company that sells software tools designed to put intelligence controls into data warehousing environments says that traditional data warehousing approaches are flaky. Is this just a platform to spin WhereScape wares, or does Whitehead have a point?

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