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Data Symbiosis: Using Lessons From Big Data To Protect Big Data

7 April, 2017

Data Symbiosis: Using Lessons From Big Data To Protect Big Data

Big data is big news at the moment. The latest Yahoo! data breach, which affected data from over 500 million customers, continues to be discussed by press and public alike, while the role of big data in predicting and even influencing last year’s US election brought the term firmly into mainstream awareness.

Voter Behavior and Risk Analysis

The applications of big data are as varied as they are complex, with big data being used to help candidates and parties win votes across the world, and big data even predicted by Forbes magazine to be able to take over a range of jobs in the future. It is likely to bring about changes in law enforcement (with big data already making an impact in helping to cut crime and save money when policing New Year’s Eve in New York), alter the role of accountants, and influence the day-to-day activity of teachers and doctors.

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