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Data As A Service: The Big Opportunity For Business

8 February, 2017

Data As A Service: The Big Opportunity For Business

Big data is imperative to business—and the amount of data in circulation and storage needed increases daily. Most forward-thinking businesses recognize the value of this data and leverage it as a decision-making factor for business strategy, but they don’t use it to its full potential. Unfortunately, most big data exists in silos that bog down its effectiveness.

Break Down Data Silos

One of the biggest issues is departments don’t share data with one another within the company. One department might collect data that another department could benefit from, but a lack of communication eliminates this possibility. Using Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solves this problem by enabling companies to access real-time data streams from anywhere in the world. It removes the constraints that internal data sources have. Big companies—including SAP and Amazon—are already tapping into this slowly developing area.

This revolutionary idea is changing the game in many ways, and I strongly believe business leaders should pay attention to this trend and start thinking about how DaaS could enhance their organizations.

Leverage DaaS To Perform With Greater Agility

You may wonder how DaaS works in practice. With all the data available, how could one company manage it effectively enough to sell a service to other companies? DaaS is essentially a data stream that subscribers can access on demand. Almost every modern business has embraced data as a decision-making tool, but few companies have the in-house manpower and resources to fully leverage the power of the data they collect.

DaaS companies, however, focus entirely on collating data and compiling it into relevant streams. Subscribers then access the streams they need, when they need them. This essentially eliminates the need for in-house commitment to data and allows businesses to perform with greater agility, because they can seamlessly and effortlessly get the exact data they need.

Manipulate Data More Easily With DaaS

Big data itself isn’t useful at surface value—it’s obtuse, disorganized (in most cases), and more than likely won’t make much sense to most business professionals. The value of data comes from the trends and insights gained from closely examining it.

Most companies that employ onsite data storage and analysis are hard-pressed to keep up with increasing demand for data-driven insights. DaaS aims to ease these constraints by offering catered data streams tailored to client needs. DaaS saves valuable time and effort in our modern era of lightning-fast communication and market shifts. When companies have access to the data they need in an easy-to-use format, it makes leveraging that data as an asset much easier and less time-consuming.

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