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Cybersecurity Grabs The Big Data Spotlight

12 January, 2017

Cybersecurity Grabs The Big Data Spotlight

For all the good that big data can bring your company, it also introduces certain risks. Thanks to a growing awareness about the importance of cybersecurity as a result of recent high-profile breaches, businesses will have a harder time ignoring these risks in 2017, technology executives say.

While security professionals have been sounding the alarm over too-lax security policies for years, those calls have largely fallen on deaf ears at the c-level—in the C-suite as well as among consumers. However, the wider population was treated to a wakeup call about the troubling state of cybersecurity during the 2016 political campaign season.

For starters, American intelligence agencies say a group of Russian hackers known as “Fancy Bear” compromised servers owned by the Democratic Party and released information in an attempt to influence the election. And last month, Chinese hackers, perhaps those affiliated with the community government’s infamous PLA Unit 61398, are accused of targeting a US aircraft carrier in an attempt to steal data. American companies and government agencies have been fighting cyberwars for years, and now the secret is out.

The premise of this war is simple. If you find data valuable, then it’s likely somebody else will find it valuable too. Raw data is essentially a commodity today that organizations of all stripes can buy, sell, and trade on legitimate and black markets. But the digital nature of this commodity is what makes it so potentially dangerous. While physical commodities like wheat and coal are shipped via supertankers, trucks, and airplanes, data moves easily over the Internet.

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