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Creating The Gold ‘Standard’ For Cloud Computing

25 August, 2014

Creating The Gold ‘Standard’ For Cloud Computing

Raise your hand if you remember the 1990s. I’m not talking about plaid flannels or the Spice Girls. I’m referring to the digital revolution that took place.

Companies built applications for everything from HR tools to enterprise resource planning supply chain management to you name it. What the industry didn’t have was a way to bring it all together. It was a rarity if those applications could actually talk to each other without modifications. Companies spent thousands on applications and millions to integrate them so that actually provided value.

So we spent the next 10 years trying to fix it. Instead of critical data being locked in silos, we created environments where information could be easily shared.

What’s amazing to me is how quickly companies are moving to the next great technology frontier: Cloud Computing. Organizations have quickly learned that the cloud presents a cost-effective, reliable and just a plain old smart way of delivering value. But cloud is more than another way to cut costs. cloud technologies have the means to exponentially increase performance regardless of the industry. The problem is that many are leaping before they look and are investing in proprietary cloud solutions. Welcome back to the 1990s.

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