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Cloud Metadata Is Making Waves with Business Intelligence

8 December, 2016

Cloud Metadata Is Making Waves with Business Intelligence

Over the past year, the cloud computing industry has reached an inflection point. Cloud providers used to focus on delivering state-of-the-art IT services. However, demand for their technology has grown exponentially, which has forced them to focus on improving business intelligence for their customers.

Metadata Transforms Business Intelligence

The 2016 Gartner Critical Capabilities report reveals that demand for business intelligence solutions has surged over the past year. Avinash Lakshman, the CEO of Hedvig and creator of Apache Cassandra states that cloud providers are beginning to leverage metadata to improve the quality of business intelligence.

“The nature of many distributed systems, such as those used in large companies such as Google or Facebook, is by design to collect and store lots and lots of metadata,” Lakshman told Information Management. “This ‘data about the data’ will become increasingly relevant as companies analyze more of it for insights. Organizations such as Netflix have already built their success around analyzing customer data for commonalities and many companies will follow. Making sense of metadata, particularly metadata that has been stored for a long time can also lead to new customer insights as well as become the focus of new products sold by analytics vendors.”

Unfortunately, leveraging metadata can be tricky, especially if you are using an older cloud provider. These services don’t have existing metadata protocols, so you need to use a data integration tool that has metadata support. Data integration tools must have contextual features built-in to minimize analytics errors.

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