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Cloud Computing Is On The Rise As Big Data And IoT Merge

10 April, 2017

Cloud Computing Is On The Rise As Big Data And IoT Merge

Cloud computing is expected to quadruple within the next few years. It’s predicted that only 8 percent of all workloads will continue to be processed by traditional data centers, while 92 percent will be processed by cloud data centers.

Recent estimates by Cisco predict that there will be a number of changes by the year 2020. Those changes include an increase to 14.1 zettabytes in cloud traffic. Big data and the Internet of Things are big contributors to this growth, with the amount of data generated by IoT predicted to reach 600 ZB per year. That’s significantly more than traffic from data centers to end users, at 2.2 ZB, or data center traffic, at 15.3 ZB.

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