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How Cloud Is Changing The Role Of The CIO

25 April, 2017

How Cloud Is Changing The Role Of The CIO

Cloud changes everything, and never more so than the role of the CIO, as the recently-released State of the CIO 2017 report reveals.

As the report points out, CIOs still perform the delicate balancing act “between crafting technology strategy and driving business innovation while overseeing routine IT functional tasks such as cost control, vendor negotiation, crisis management, and operational improvements.”

However, although not explicitly stated, it is implicit that cloud services will continue to play a large part in making the CIO more efficient. For example, cloud computing is now the default way for enterprises to deliver new services, whether or not they are officially sanctioned by and acquired through the IT department. This plays to the LOB manager’s need to ‘just get things done’ because convenience and speed will – as so many commentators have already pointed out – always trump security and process. We’ll return to this point a bit later.

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