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Cisco Aims To Shrink Big Data Skills Gap

17 January, 2017

Cisco Aims To Shrink Big Data Skills Gap

Cisco Systems today introduced new educational offerings aimed at narrowing the looming skills gap in the areas of data analytics and digital transformation. In particular, the new analytics program is designed to help Cisco customers make sense of the zettabytes worth of new data that will be collected over the Internet of Things in the coming years.

There are two major parts of today’s announcement. First, Cisco introduced a new Data and Analytics track to its educational portfolio to address the need for certified professionals who possess big data management skills. Secondly, Cisco revamped its existing Data Center track to keep up with the changing technical realities of today’s data center operations.

The changes will help ensure Cisco customers ensure that their IT staffs have the right skills for next-gen workloads, especially IoT projects, says Tejas Vashi, senior director of product strategy and marketing at Cisco Services.

“By 2020, we expect things like IoT to really drive heavy workloads around data and analytics,” Vashi tells Datanami. “We’re beginning to see a huge increase in data workloads and we’re anticipating over 600 zettabytes a year in terms of workload size by 2020. That makes sense when you think about the fact that across the Internet we’re expecting 50 billion endpoints to be out there, installed and collecting these data, for various applications, by that same time-frame.”

Nearly 3 million IT professionals have Cisco certifications, and the industry has come to expect those Cisco certifications to translate into real-world skills required to tackle the latest tech challenges, Vashi says. “With all the technology changes occurring in the industry, you can imagine that making sure the talent is also there and aligned with these technologies shifts is very critical,” he says.

The new Data Analytic courses and certifications are centered on Cisco products and technologies used in big data. This includes the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) lines of converged servers and products, as well as the Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics product line.

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