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Why Would The CEO Of Starbucks Leave His Job?

2 December, 2016

Why Would The CEO Of Starbucks Leave His Job?

Why would Howard Schultz, the revered CEO of Starbucks Corporation, leave his job, as he announced yesterday? He made a reasonable public statement about it but what’s his personal answer, the one that he says only to himself?

To be very open about it, I never met the man, I can’t say what’s in his head. Perhaps he’s leaving for the usual right reasons, to allow new leadership to take the company to the next stage or to spend good, healthy years of his life with the important people in his life. But knowing what we know about the world of retail today, perhaps there are reasons why Schultz, or any good manager, would want to get out of a giant legacy retailer of food to start something new.

I don’t mean to disparage Starbucks. They created a new category in America, changed consumer habits and are enormously profitable. Those are all about the hardest things to do in business for any company. But when you look at where they are today and where the world is going, it’s not surprising that a senior person in a dominant retail company would want to do something more innovative.

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