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Business Intelligence Survey 2017: Mobility and Access

23 January, 2017

Business Intelligence Survey 2017: Mobility and Access

Considering 86% of business intelligence (BI) users agree that BI data is important for businesses, it is vital not only to be able to access said data, but also to present it in a visually compelling manner. Clutch surveyed 308 data analytics users to identify the major trends, issues, and opportunities in visualizing BI data.

The visualization and dashboard industry is highly competitive with hundreds of platforms from which customers can choose; for many customers, the options can seem overwhelming. This survey looks at the major trends in BI mobility, accessibility, open source, and key software features to help make choosing a BI solution easier and more transparent.

Our Findings

  • 70% of data analytics users consider a mobile application crucial to their use of BI software.
  • Of data analytics users who do not consider mobile applications crucial, 59% agree that mobile adoption is increasing at their business.
  • More than a third (36%) of data analytics users wait, on average, more than a day to receive access to their data.
  • 83% of business users and 88% of data scientists are likely to use open source software —as opposed to paid, proprietary solutions—in the future.

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