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Business Intelligence In The Cloud Is Finally As Smart As Its Name

7 April, 2017

Business Intelligence In The Cloud Is Finally As Smart As Its Name

“Imagine having a Google Photos kind of search for your enterprise data,” says Box CEO Aaron Levie.

Levie, whose company offers file-management in the cloud, was referring to the image-recognition feature that’s able to identify family members’ faces in your photos, as well as objects in the background, without being asked. Soon enough enterprise software “will be telling you what you should be working on, who you should be communicating with, what information you should be looking at,” as Levie put it in an interview with Inc. last year.

Why stop there? Imagine a system that tells you what to search for before it occurs to you. Imagine a system that runs the search automatically, as well as hundreds of others, and tells you which results are the most important.

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