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Brave New World: Social Media Analytics Trends In 2017

11 January, 2017

Brave New World: Social Media Analytics Trends In 2017

A number of key trends are set for the social media space in 2017. Significantly, many hinge on what is both a broadening and deepening of the reach of the field of social media analytics. Deep data extraction, the intensification of emotive content and, chiefly, the need for accurate sentiment analysis are all poised to feature strongly as we move into the new year – and beyond.

New applications for analytics

Crucially, outside of private individuals, brands seeking to understand consumers are no longer the only players in the social media space. This is a trend witnessed over the course of 2016 and one that is set to strengthen in the new year.

As Brexit and the results of the US election revealed, accurate social media analytics has uses far beyond the purely consumer-oriented – with as yet untapped potential for governments, aid organisations and other monitoring bodies seeking to anticipate key outcomes.

With developments in the field, social media activity can now be leveraged to generate detailed data and insight. While simple numbers of likes and shares will remain relevant, the new year will usher in an era of exploring the deeper significance of these social signals and what they really mean, at their core, for corporates, social movements and countries. Monitoring sentiment will be key.

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