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Why Big Data Isn’t A Dirty Word

13 June, 2017

Why Big Data Isn’t A Dirty Word

No matter how excited people like me get about the idea of Big Data, artificial intelligence and an always-connected world, we can’t forget that there are negative connotations to these terms.

Fear manifests for a reason, from speaking to smart people I know it isn’t just technophobes and those inclined to paranoia who can get the shivers. When people hear about how much their bank or supermarket knows about them, or that their illness will soon be diagnosed by a robot, or that cars can now drive themselves, it sets off alarm bells, and with good cause.

The scale of data-gathering carried out by both industry and governments has gone through the roof in the last decade, and those doing it haven’t always been great at communicating exactly what they are up to, and why. At times, they haven’t even bothered to communicate it at all.

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