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Big Data And AI In Corporate Transparency

11 April, 2017

Big Data And AI In Corporate Transparency

The dawn of the Internet was a revolution in how it restructured the landscape of the economy and society around a network structure. It became a new medium for commerce, finance, power and culture, and changed our perception of time and space. We now live in a globalized and connected world where information flows at the speed of light. In an age where data shapes almost every aspect of our lives.

At the same time, new technology and big data have disrupted entire industries and influenced how we work, how we consume, and how we view the world. Increasingly, big data also holds the promise of shifting global markets towards greater environmental stewardship, better social impact, and increased respect for universal human rights. Today’s launch of S-Ray, a new tool that allows anyone to monitor the sustainability of thousands of the world’s largest companies, marks the latest development in how the availability of data can be harnessed for good.

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