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Big Data 2.0: Open Source Becomes A Converged Product

28 March, 2016

Big Data 2.0: Open Source Becomes A Converged Product

When O’Reilly Media co-founder Dale Dougherty coined the name Web 2.0 to describe the post evolution of the Internet, it was a big deal because he was so right. New companies such as Facebook and Salesforce and eventually Twitter, AirBNB, and Uber started to show what was possible with excellent apps and connectivity to a huge audience.

The meme of naming trends like versions of software products was powerful and we soon saw all sorts of x.0 declarations, most of which weren’t as spot on as Dougherty’s observation. So, out of respect for the quality of Dougherty’s insight, I am really careful about buying into or declaring any x.o trends. But in the big data space, I think we just got there based on a few recent developments.

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