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The Best Security Solutions Of The Year

6 February, 2017

The Best Security Solutions Of The Year

InfoWorld’s 2017 Technology of the Year Awards included a record eight security products, reflecting a yearning for new solutions to stop the rising tide of attacks

The Technology of the Year Awards is InfoWorld’s annual flagship article — a showcase for the best enterprise tech as determined by our expert contributors and staffers. I asked InfoWorld Executive Editor Doug Dineley, who has overseen the Awards for many years, what was different about this year’s batch. He had a succinct response: A surge in new security solutions.

No wonder. As Fahmida Rashid reported last week in “Why 2017 will be the worst year ever for security,” successful attacks continue to increase at an alarming rate — and, more ominously, many breaches go unreported. The costs of those attacks, some due to stealthy APTs (advanced persistent threats) initiated years ago, may never fully be known.

The eight winning security solutions intended to help enterprises fight back fall into several categories. Let’s start with the two open source winners that target developers: HashiCorp Vault and SourceClear. As Dan Kaminsky of White Ops told Fahmida in an interview last year, devs need better tools and environments to be effective in implementing security. Vault and SourceClear attack this problem from different angles: Vault by enabling devs to access sensitive data securely, SourceClear by scanning libraries and frameworks for vulnerabilities.

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