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Bandwidth And Latency Must Factor Into Your Big Data Strategy

23 February, 2017

Bandwidth And Latency Must Factor Into Your Big Data Strategy

The big data pipeline is getting more crowded. Learn how to improve your company’s big data throughput when going over the public internet.

There are big data networking issues your company may be overlooking: bandwidth and latency. Even though it may seem daunting to go down that path, it’s better to address this topic now, because more will sites rely on the public internet to transfer data streams and large chunks of data from location to location.

For example, in television broadcasting, some companies are taking a hard look at using cloud-based production facilities for their broadcasts. Latency and bandwidth issues could arise if transmissions of big data video signals are slow.

“Bandwidth and latency are both significant concerns right now in the broadcast industry,” said Mike Cronk, vice president of core technology at Grass Valley, which provides broadcast television systems and solutions. For broadcasters, this creates trepidation when it comes to deploying video production in the cloud, so they continue to rely on their in-house broadcast and production facilities. Nevertheless, there are several compelling value propositions for broadcasters if they consider a cloud-based approach to production.

“We have seen instances when sportscasters will be broadcasting a major sporting event like a soccer match and the broadcaster anticipates far greater demand for the event than his usual programming has,” said Shawn Carnahan, chief technical officer at Telestream, which provides cloud-based and standard video production products. “This is where a cloud-based production option becomes appealing, because you can add more production capability in the cloud to accommodate the larger viewer base for the event—and then tear it down when the event is over. You pay for only what you consume.”

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