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How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Sales

13 January, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Sales

It’s safe to say that 2016 was the year of artificial intelligence. And while 2016 has come and gone, 2017 isn’t going to stray from the AI path we’re on right now. This technology has penetrated nearly every conceivable sector, from finance and education to operations and service, and in a particularly interesting way, to sales.

How AI Can Improve The Sales Culture

Depending on the report you read, somewhere between 50-70 percent of sales people don’t make their yearly quotas. That number is staggeringly high and suggests that there is an enormous amount of room in the average sales department for improving those outcomes.
Part of the problem is that, while most sales teams already have all the data to close those deals faster stashed in their CRM, obtaining the intel can be rather challenging. In fact, according to research conducted by Attivio, only 23 percent of companies encourage the use of big data to make sales easier. Additionally, 37 percent of respondents mentioned that it may take a day or more to access the sources for the analytics and dig through all the data silos.

Hiring data scientists to do the digging for you seems like the obvious decision in this case. However, 66 percent of the same survey respondents mentioned that hiring a professional is extremely challenging. For startups, the cost of having an in-house employee may be rather high as well.

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