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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Storytelling

12 July, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Storytelling

Artificial Intelligence or AI can create dynamic content. Let’s apply best use cases to our work as storytellers.

At this year’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, for example, IBM’s artificial intelligence platform, Watson, had a major editorial role — analyzing and curating the best moments and data points from the matches, producing “Cognitive Highlight” videos, tagging relevant players and themes, and sharing the content with Wimbledon’s global fans.

Intel just announced a collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that will bring VR, 360 replay technology, drones and AI to future Olympic experiences. In a recent press release Intel notes, “The power to choose what they want to see and how they want to experience the Olympic Games will be in the hands of the fans.”

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