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6 Ways To Use Big Data In Ecommerce

14 July, 2017

6 Ways To Use Big Data In Ecommerce

The creation and consumption of data continues to rapidly grow around the globe with largeĀ investment in big data analytics hardware, software, and services. The availability of large data sets is one of the core reasons that Deep Learning, a sub-set of artificial intelligence (AI), has recently emerged as the hottest tech trend. Huge giants such Google, Facebook, Baidu, Amazon, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft are heavily investing in big data, with the acquisition of talent hot on their agenda.

Big data is continuously creating new challenges and opportunities, all of which have been forged by the information revolution. This infographic takes a look at how those in the ecommerce industry are already using data sets to introduce a new level of strategic marketing and provide better customer service experiences.

Predicting trends, optimising pricing and forecasting demand, are just some of the ways that ecommerce businesses are using data to gain a competitive advantage. The guesswork has been removed, and now ecommerce businesses can accurately make strategic decisions on how to operate their online empires.

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